Amethyst Cluster

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Amethyst is the crystal of calm, problem solving, spirituality and intuition.

Got the urge to pop one in every room? Join the club. We find amethyst to be both soothing, relaxing and most definitely calming. I think of it like this: placed at the entrance to a room it beams out an invisible vortex of calm, so as you cross the threshold to the room, it annihilates all the crap 💩 in your energy feels so you feel awakened, alert and like your about to step into a bubble bath.

I often suffer headaches and find that if I anoint my amethyst cluster with either doTerra Peppermint or Lavender and place the cluster in my auric field, I feel so much better, clearer and I promise you it won’t hurt the crystal.

This particular one is a perfect lilac amethyst with a beautiful structure of little points and an agate rim. Did you know that clusters are perfect for your living quarters (think lounge, family, bedroom) as the points shoot off energy in every direction around the room? 

Ok, I’ve gone on for long enough about how amazing amethyst is. So the details are:

About 6cm long x 4cm high and about 4cm wide. It’s hard to measure these little babies, I’m hoping the pictures speak for themselves

What a great addition to your sacred space, or by your bedside. All of my products are hand-selected, stored and loved within my sacred space, which I regularly cleanse of negative energy and surround with positive loving energy and inspiration. I cherish and respect all my stones, even those that are only having a temporary stay over.



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