Sleep better mojo bag

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I've been struggling getting to sleep lately and wanted to create something that wasn't coma inducing and thanks to my favourite Crystal Hottie, Hibiscus Moon, I have made a super chillaxing melatonin influencing calming sleep mojo bag, just like I was taught from the best!

#CalmMySleep mojo bag is made up of the following:

1 super cool purple organza bag,
Have half of it filled with organic lavender buds
8 drops of doTerra's lavender essential oil
2 amethyst roughs
2 sodalite tumblies.

The bag itself lets the gorgeous lavender essential oil fill your lungs and match perfectly with amethyst and sodalite to gently entice you to sleep. These stones are known for their powerful calming and soothing qualities, and we all know amethyst is a dream enhancer... and what an enhancer it is 😱

This little bag packs a powerful punch for all those who struggle getting to sleep at night, it really does work for me. But also the dreams 💭 it gives me are amazing! 🐲🐉

The bag itself is 7cm x 5xm and half is filled with lavender buds. The crystals are about 1.5cm x 2cm.

If it works for you and those days of trying to do the tango in bed are over, then it's a small price to pay. So why don't you try one and let me know how you go?

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