Vogel-style Smokey Quartz Crystal

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A Vogel cut quartz crystal is used for healing and meditative purposes. They are cut this way to maximize the collection, amplification, and transmission of the Universal Life Force.

They are largely used to extract negative energy from your auric field but sucking the energy into the larger side (known as the female side) of the crystal rotating it around the inside barrel and then transmitting it out through the smaller end (known as the male side).

The wand is a very powerful tool to keep in your crystal first aid kit. It is known to amplify healthy white light, ease headaches, remove toxic radiation from our environment (the Smoky is perfect at this). 

Also, they are made of quartz and as such carry the energies of it. For example, the Clear Quartz cut Vogel will amplify any energy you project into it. Known as the Master Stone, it will bring you clarity, focus, and precision in your day-to-day. The Smoky quartz will remove negative attacks you are receiving from the outside as well as the negative chit-chat you give yourself.  

Protect your crystal by keeping it in a safe location and use it only when you feel that you need healing. If you meditate, place the crystal with the female side facing you as you meditate, this will ensure that your negative energies will be extracted and transmuted into pure, clean energy.

They are about 6cm long x 2cm at its widest point. 

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